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Betsy Stone, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Teacher, Facilitator

Refuah Shlema: Reflections on Healing and Growth

COVID-19 has reshaped our lives. We have lost much. We have also gained – new perspectives, changed values, deeper relationships. Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Betsy Stone has taught us how we can adapt towards greater strength. This compilation of essays about trauma, clergy, post-traumatic growth and the impact of COVID on all of us can inspire us to keep going. Whether a discussion of families, insight into the lives of Jewish professionals, or an article on rest, Dr. Stone brings educated optimism, a deep understanding of psychology and a Jewish perspective to essays that challenge and uplift. Click here to buy!


Get Engaged and Grow

Each of us faces struggles and challenges.  Whether the relationships of clergy and congregants or the relationships of parents and children, Betsy Stone teaches us about the spaces in between, and helps us understand how to connect more deeply.  Through thoughtful presentations, either live or virtual, her warmth and knowledge shine through.  This is the magical intersection of a skilled psychologist and a master teacher.

"Betsy Stone's name has become synonymous with excellence, support and mentorship. I have had the privilege of working with Betsy for the last 10 years and never cease to be impressed with how she translates her knowledge and experience into accessible and impactful learning and training. In the decade that I have been facilitating professional development in the Jewish community, Betsy is the one facilitator and teacher I continue to bring in again and again. Whether it is a group of Jewish professionals, parents or teens, every participant of her workshops leaves equally transformed. She is a teacher's teacher and a mentor's mentor and has made an indelible impact on the Jewish community."

Micol Zimmerman Burkeman, MAJE
Recruitment and Leadership Development Associate

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

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