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Supporting Jewish Professionals

Educate, Entertain & Inspire

A safe and caring place for Jewish Professionals to explore career and personal growth

The life of a clergy member can be quite isolating. Dr. Stone facilitates Clergy groups, creating connections that are both deep and supportive for Rabbis, Cantors and Educators in the field.

Rabbis groups run for approximately one hour and occur anywhere from weekly to monthly. One-time groups are also available.


Straight from the Source

Betsy Stone has served as nothing less than a life line during this period of pandemic, transforming what was originally a periodic clergy study group into a weekly source of support and catharsis for a dozen or so of us clergy members as we grapple with the internal and external challenges of the moment.  In this chaos, Betsy has provided an open ear, sounding board and clarion of empathy and understanding.  At the same time, her deep experience and insight has allowed her to challenge each of us to reflect upon our thoughts and actions in a way that otherwise would have been impossible.  In doing so, Betsy has not only allowed us to survive and endure the moment but deepened our awareness as spiritual leaders and organizational managers in a way that will last far after this pandemic comes to an end.  I know for certain that Betsy’s wise council has allowed me to serve as a more attentive and understanding Rabbi as well as father and husband.  I am eternally grateful for the time Betsy has spent with us and would certainly be worse off without it.  I cannot recommend her more highly than that.

Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe
Temple Beth-El of Northern Westchester

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