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Dr. Stone recently self-published a book of her recent essays. Click here to view Refuah Shlema on Amazon! COVID-19 has reshaped our lives. We have lost much. We have also gained – new perspectives, changed values, deeper relationships. Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Betsy Stone has taught us how we can adapt towards greater strength. This compilation of essays about trauma, clergy, post-traumatic growth and the impact of COVID on all of us can inspire us to keep going. Whether a discussion of families, insight into the lives of Jewish professionals, or an article on rest, Dr. Stone brings educated optimism, a deep understanding of psychology and a Jewish perspective to essays that challenge and uplift.

Dr. Stone has written extensively for eJewish Philanthropy, and has articles in various essay collections, including Reform Judaism and Back to School. In 1997, Dr. Stone published a book about marriage, entitled HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Making the Transition from Getting Married to Being Married.

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